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Key information of the Embassy – Requirements for the detection of COVID-19 before boarding for personnel going to China


(latest version February 17, 2022)

Special reminder: COVID-19 test has been carried out before boarding for personnel going to China

The new regulations will be implemented from February 21 (inclusive)

In view of the current outbreak of more infectious variant strains such as Omicron, the risk of infection in international travel has risen sharply. In order to further improve the epidemic prevention and control work, the pre boarding COVID-19 detection requirements for vaccinated passengers originating from Germany / transiting through Germany for direct flights to China will be adjusted from February 21, 2022 (inclusive). The period from February 21 to March 6 is a transitional period. The specific requirements for the new requirements and transition period are as follows:

1、 What are the vaccinated persons?

(1) The vaccinated vaccines are products approved by China, the world health organization or the European Union for emergency use or marketing. The common new crown vaccines are Sinopharm (2 doses to be inoculated), Kexing (2 doses to be inoculated), kangxinuo (1 dose to be inoculated), Pfizer (2 doses to be inoculated), Modena (2 doses to be inoculated), AstraZeneca (2 doses to be inoculated, the second dose can be mixed with mRNA vaccine), Johnson & Johnson (2 doses to be inoculated), etc.

(2) According to the provisions of (I), the time between the completion of all vaccination procedures and the day of departure from China shall not be less than 14 days (for example, if the second vaccination is completed on March 1, the flight to China can be carried out as early as March 15). For those who have less than 14 days, even if the double test results are qualified, the “Health Code” will not be issued (there is no time limit for vaccination booster).

(3) Incomplete vaccinated personnel who have not completed all vaccinations of 2 or 3 doses of vaccine, or who have completed two doses of inactivated vaccine on the same day are regarded as non vaccinated personnel, and all testing regulations are implemented with reference to non vaccinated personnel.

2、 What tests should vaccinated personnel do?

Since February 21, 2022, vaccinated personnel shall conduct one nucleic acid test (two nucleic acids in total, hereinafter referred to as “binuclear acid”) at two different testing institutions in the same area two days (48 hours) before the flight to China, and there is no need to conduct serum antibody IgM test. If your flight to China takes off on the evening of March 3, the first nucleic acid detection time should be March 1 at the earliest (it does not need to be accurate to hours).

3、 During the transition period from February 21 to March 6, vaccinated personnel can choose one of the following test methods according to the actual situation:

·Two different testing institutions conduct “dinuclear acid” (two nucleic acid tests at different testing institutions 48 hours before boarding)

·One testing institution conducts “dinuclear acid” (two nucleic acid tests shall be conducted by one testing institution within 48 hours before boarding, and the interval between the two tests shall be at least 24 hours)

·Nucleic acid + serum antibody IgM (one nucleic acid and one serum antibody IgM test 48 hours before boarding)

After the transition period, see Table 2 for the test items of vaccinated personnel from March 7, 2022 (inclusive).

Note: the above dates refer to the flight departure time.

4、 What tests should non vaccinated personnel do?

Non vaccinated personnel shall conduct a nucleic acid test and a serum antibody IgM test (hereinafter referred to as “double test”) in the same collar area 2 days (48 hours) before the departure of the flight to China. If your flight to China takes off on the evening of March 3, the earliest time of the “double detection” should be March 1 (not accurate to hours).

5、 Specific requirements for relevant testing?

Embassies and consulates in Germany do not designate testing institutions. Personnel visiting China can conduct testing at regular testing points, private doctors, hospitals and clinics in Germany, but the testing methods and test reports submitted shall meet the following requirements:

(1) Nucleic acid detection

1. The nucleic acid detection method shall be RT-PCR, and the sampling method shall be nasopharynx swab (German nasopharyngealabstrich or nasen rachenabstrich, English nasopharyngeal). The sampling methods of oropharyngeal swab (rachenabstrich) and saliva (gurgeltest, speicheltest) were not accepted.

2. The uploaded nucleic acid test report shall include the name of the tested person, date of birth, certificate number, test method RT-PCR, sampling method, sampling date, test results, name of doctor or testing institution, contact information, signature or seal, etc.

3. During the “dinuclear acid” test, the two nucleic acid tests should be carried out in the same consular area. In case of special difficulties, please contact the embassy and consulate in Germany in your consular area in advance.

(2) Detection of serum antibody IgM

Venous blood shall be taken for the detection of serum antibody IgM, and the detection method shall be chemiluminescence or enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Colloidal gold is no longer accepted. IgM, venous blood and test method must be clearly marked on the report.


6、 Specific requirements for pre-trial recovery and pre boarding testing of previously infected persons?

The former infected persons refer to the persons who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or who have not been diagnosed but whose nucleic acid, serum antibody IgM and IgG antibody test results have been positive (except for the positive serum antibody IgM and IgG caused by the vaccination of newcrown vaccine). Such persons must follow the following procedures to apply for “Health Code”:

(1) Submit to embassy and consulate for preliminary review

The lung imaging diagnosis certificate (X-ray or CT, pregnant women and those who are not suitable for the above examination, please contact the embassy and consulate in Germany in advance) and the negative certificate of two nucleic acid tests (the sampling time shall be at least 24 hours apart) issued by the local medical institution shall be submitted to the embassy and consulate in Germany, and the time limit of two nucleic acid tests shall be within 3 days before submitting the preliminary examination application. The time of lung imaging diagnosis should be as close as possible to one of the nucleic acid tests. After completing the above diagnosis and testing, the

·Lung imaging diagnosis certificate

·Two nucleic acid negative results

·Passport home page

·Valid German Visa or residence certificate or household registration document

According to the consular area, send it to the embassy and consulate in Germany by email for preliminary review (please write “* * * confirmation of recovery preliminary review” for the title of the email), and the preliminary review results will be notified by email (the relevant contact information of the embassy and consulate in Germany is attached).

(2) Isolation and health monitoring

Self isolation and health status monitoring shall be carried out for 14 days from the date of passing the preliminary review, and the self health status monitoring form shall be filled in (see Annex 1).

(3) Pre boarding inspection

If there is no abnormality during isolation, you can apply for a health code based on the test results within 48 hours before boarding. The previously infected persons who have been vaccinated shall be tested for “binuclear acid”, and the previously infected persons who have not been vaccinated shall be tested for “double acid” (see items 2, 3 and 4 of this document for specific requirements). At the same time, please upload the email screenshot of the preliminary examination results of the embassy and consulate in Germany and the self-health monitoring form as the application materials.

7、 Specific requirements for pre boarding inspection of personnel and crew of Chinese enterprises?

(1) Personnel of Chinese Enterprises

All personnel of Chinese funded enterprises in Germany must conduct isolation observation and closed-loop management 21 days before boarding, fill in the daily situation as required to ensure no contact with the outside world (except for testing), and the enterprise shall issue the letter of commitment for isolation management (see Annex 2). In case of suspected symptoms of COVID-19 during isolation, the repatriation arrangement shall be terminated immediately.

(2) Crew

It is suggested that the shipping company arrange the crew to disembark before the date of the return flight. For the specific inspection of the crew, the shipping company shall contact the corresponding embassy and consulate in Germany at least 3 weeks in advance according to the territorial area. Failure to contact in time may affect the return travel time of the crew. Embassies and consulates mainly involving crew members are the Chinese Embassy in Germany and the Chinese Consulate General in Hamburg.

8、 Information on transit

(1) From countries with direct flights to China, personnel going to China must take direct flights. Chinese embassies and consulates in the country of origin will not issue “health codes” for their transit from a third country. The embassy and consulate in Germany will not issue transit “health codes” for such personnel.

(2) Please be sure to take direct flights to China by those who live in Germany. The embassy and consulate in Germany will not issue “health codes” for passengers who transit to China from Germany to a third country.

(3) Personnel to China from countries without air links with China can apply to the embassy and consulate in Germany for transfer of “Health Code” based on the “Health Code” examined and issued by the Chinese Embassy and consulate in that country and the “double nuclear acid” or “double detection” report conducted within 48 hours before the departure of German flights to China. See the above for the detection requirements and transition period arrangements. Remind passengers to transfer to Frankfurt to confirm with the airline before arriving in Germany and carry out corresponding testing at Frankfurt Airport, otherwise do not transfer to Germany.

(4) The embassy and consulate in Germany will only issue “health codes” to passengers who transit through Germany and meet the regulations. If the passenger has transferred more than once before coming to Germany, the embassy and consulate in Germany will not issue the transfer “Health Code”. If the passenger’s country of origin does not meet the conditions for one-time transfer, please refer to the relevant notices of the Chinese Embassy and consulate in the country of origin.

(5) If the route with China’s navigable country is fused and there are no other direct flights to China in that country, the requirements of article (3) of this question shall apply. During the period when all direct flights from Germany to China are fused or grounded, passengers from Germany can go to a third country for transit. At that time, please refer to the specific notice of the Chinese Embassy and consulate in Germany.

9、 Specific requirements for pre boarding testing of infants under 6 years old?

In principle, all passengers going to China should be tested. If the local testing agency does not allow the testing of infants and young children under the age of 6, the parents of peers must fill in the disclaimer (see Annex 4). Parents or legal guardians of infants and young children can apply for health code on behalf of infants and young children at the same time (the infant passport page, disclaimer, peer parent test report or green “Health Code” must be uploaded).

10、 Personnel who have been to a third country within one month before flying to China (only for originating passengers)

There may be additional testing and isolation requirements depending on the epidemic situation in the countries where you have stayed. For specific requirements, please consult the corresponding embassies and consulates in Germany one month before going to China.

11、 Method of applying for health code

(1) Chinese citizen

Chinese citizens please apply for green health code online through wechat “epidemic prevention health code international version” applet (scan the QR code below).

Passengers departing from Germany should upload:

① Two satisfactory test reports;

② Vaccination certificate (paper certificate and European vaccine electronic certificate);

③ German residence card or visa or household registration declaration form;

④ Ticket itinerary

⑤ Vaccination declaration

⑥ Other materials

·Previously infected persons must upload the screenshot of the pre-trial email of the embassy and consulate in Germany and the self health monitoring form;

·The personnel of Chinese funded enterprises in Germany shall additionally submit the letter of commitment for isolation management of personnel of Chinese funded enterprises in Germany;

·The crew must upload the crew isolation management commitment

(2) Foreign citizens

For foreign citizens, please visit the website( https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/ )Log in to the platform and apply for green code online.

For German passengers from Germany, please provide:

① Two satisfactory test reports;

② Vaccination certificate (paper certificate and European vaccine electronic certificate);

③ Passport information page;

④ Ticket itinerary;

⑤ Vaccination declaration;

⑥ Valid visa or residence permit to China;

⑦ Non German passengers must provide German residence card or household registration record;

⑧ Other materials

Previously infected persons must upload the screenshot of the pre-trial email of the embassy and consulate in Germany and the self health monitoring form.

Contact information of Chinese Embassy and consulate in Germany on testing issues:

Embassy in Germany


Territorial areas: Berlin, Brandenburg, maeqian, Saxony, SAAN and Thuringia

Consular protection Tel.: 0049-30-27588551

Consulate General in Hamburg


Collar area: Hamburg, Bremen, Lower Saxony, Schloss

Consular protection Tel.: 0049-40-81976030

Consulate General in Munich


Territory: Bavaria

Consular protection Tel.: 0049-89-724498146

Consulate General in Frankfurt


Territory: Hesse, Lefa, bafu and sal

Consular protection Tel.: 0049-69-69538633

Consulate General in Dusseldorf


Territory: North Wales

Consular protection Tel.: 0049-211-55080446

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