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Instructions for nursing staff visa application


— —Basic instructions

-Please note: Germany continues to impose entry restrictions on travelers residing in China. Please follow the link webseite for the latest relevant information.

– Please read the relevant tips in the FAQ of “common problems of long-term residence” on the website of the German Embassy and consulate in China as a supplement to these instructions.

-Applicants must make an appointment in advance through this website and submit their visa application in person.  documents not in German or English must be submitted together with the translation.

– When applying, you must show the originals of documents, certificates, diplomas and other materials related to your basic personal information. After submitting the application, the original will be returned to the applicant.

– The embassy or consulate may require the applicant to submit other materials.

– Visas usually require the approval of the German Federal labour office and, if necessary, the approval of the local competent foreign affairs administration in Germany. Visas can only be issued after receiving the above approval.

-In order to simplify the visa application process, your employer can apply for pre-approval from the German Federal labour office. For details, please visit www.arbeitsagentur.com De your employer can also contact its competent aliens administration to speed up the process of applying for entry visas for professionals.

-The normal processing time is about 4 weeks, and it will be longer in some cases. It is recommended to apply as soon as possible.

-Please do not inquire about visa progress status during normal processing time. This will only increase the work of the visa office, so relevant inquiries will not be answered.

——General information

Those who plan to work in the nursing industry for a long time in Germany need to obtain an employment license issued by the state to engage in the industry. Generally, the following requirements must be met in order to be allowed to work as a nursing staff in Germany:

Recognized degree: nursing degree obtained in China must be recognized in Germany. The competent authority will review whether your professional qualification is equivalent to that of Germany. If not, you can take a knowledge test or an adaptation course to prove that you have the same level of knowledge. The application for professional recognition shall be submitted to the competent authority of the federal state where the employment is located. Please refer to www.anerkennung-in-deutschland.com for relevant institutional information de

Adequate German proficiency: generally, a B2 level German knowledge specified in the common reference standard for European languages (GER) is required.

In addition, there may be other requirements.

You can also go to Germany to be trained as a nurse. If you can’t attend the German class in advance, you can.

For more information about living and working in Germany, please visit the federal government’s foreign professionals portal. https://www.make-it-in-germany.com/de/

The following list of materials can be used to check whether the application documents are complete. All documents shall be submitted in the order and form required in the list.

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