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Klinikum rechts der lsar


The Isal Affiliated Hospital of the Technical University of Munich, Germany, was established in 1834. Initially a regional hospital, it now combines the strengths of traditional and modern medicine as a modern university hospital. The entire hospital has approximately 30 clinics, 20 interdisciplinary centers, and 1161 beds, covering the entire field of modern medicine.

High level of medical strength

Located in the center of one of the most attractive cities in Germany, it collaborates with numerous top medical and scientific institutions and integrates with the Technical University of Munich (TUM): The Isal University Hospital provides ideal conditions for the highest level of patient treatment. As one of the most famous universities in Germany, the hospital of the Technical University of Munich measures medical standards to the highest standards. Scientists from all disciplines at Isal University Hospital have been very successful in this area and have achieved significant results, as evidenced by numerous advanced publications, awards, and awards.

Focusing on cancer

With its research capabilities, the Isal University Hospital and School of Medicine are indispensable components of Munich’s unique medical location: one of the keys to success is close cooperation among various scientific institutions. For example, at the Munich Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCCM), the comprehensive cancer center of LMU is merged with the TUM comprehensive cancer center of Klinikum rechts der Isar. At CCCM, two Munich University hospitals are jointly dedicated to cancer research and treatment. Since 2014, CCCM has been one of the top 13 cancer excellence centers in Germany for cancer assistance nationwide. Through numerous projects, whether through joint provision of services to patients, collaborative development of innovative technology solutions, or joint research projects.

Hospital Structure

Isal University Hospital has approximately 6600 employees dedicated to patient care, research, and teaching. Every year, over 65000 patients benefit from inpatient treatment, and approximately 250000 patients benefit from the highest level of outpatient treatment. Over 40000 surgeries and approximately 2100 childbirth patients annually demonstrate the importance of the hospital in providing medical services to the people of Munich, as well as to people in Germany and around the world.

High quality certification

The certified quality of Isal University Hospital has a comprehensive quality management system to continuously improve high standards of patient care. Since 2011, Isal Hospital has been certified. The latest re certification was carried out by T Å V Rheinland, Germany in 2020, with the highest nationally and internationally recognized quality standards.