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Accompany you to Germany without worry

Expatrio is a one-stop digital platform officially authorized and certified by the Federal Ministry of foreign affairs of Germany to provide various services related to German study, work and life for international students and employees. Fast, preferential and safe deposit account can meet the medical insurance of different identities and help you obtain the necessary funds and insurance certificates for German visa in time. Accompany you to Germany without worry!

Our advantages


Just upload a copy of your passport and open your German deposit account in a few minutes!

Most favorable

In line with the financial supervision regulations of China and Germany, each account has compulsory deposit guarantee!


Each self insurance account has a deposit guarantee of 100000 euros, which is 100% recognized by German officials for delivery and extension!

Chinese students in Germany

Germany attracts students from all over the world because of its developed economy, high-quality and perfect education system and open and free academic atmosphere. According to the data of the German Federal Bureau of statistics in 2019, the total number of Chinese citizens in Germany reached 136460, and Chinese students have exceeded 13.1% of the total number of international students in Germany, becoming the largest group of foreign students. At present, there are 88 federations of Chinese scholars and students’ organizations in Germany, including 11 professional societies studying in Germany, 6 alumni associations of Chinese universities in Germany, and 71 Chinese student associations in German cities. At present, 2500 Chinese enterprises have invested in Germany. They are distributed in various federal states and involve many industries.

Minimalist exchange rate

Minimalist exchange rate is the world’s largest exchange rate query tool. Relying on cutting-edge technologies such as big data and regional chain, it provides users with exchange rate calculation of legal currency and digital currency, currency conversion and overseas remittance services. Advantages of using minimal exchange rate to remit self insurance funds:
✓ There is no need to pay bank telegraphic transfer fee
✓ Do not occupy foreign exchange quota
✓ Direct payment in RMB
✓ Support multiple payment methods such as online banking Alipay
✓ Arrive on the fastest working day
✓ Ensure full receipt

About foreigners

We are building the best solutions for international students in Germany

With our diverse team of experts, we have established an overall platform to support you in every step of your trip to Germany, from understanding Germany and looking for a study plan to obtaining a visa and living here. Our team is driven by the experience of living abroad and moving to Germany. We hope to simplify your journey by integrating all required products and services into one solution, thereby reducing official and paperwork.

Our purpose

Change marks every new chapter in one’s life, and living in a new country and other important things have brought many of these changes and growth! Therefore, our mission is to support your new chapter and development in Germany by embracing change and applying our experience and innovative methods.

Our core values

Diversity: we celebrate diversity.

Impact: we create a positive future.

Pragmatism: we keep it simple.

Teamwork: we grow together.

Integrity: we practice what we preach.

More about our team

Join our international team

We are a growing start-up company and are keen to support international people to successfully move to Germany. Our team has people from 20 countrieswho deeply understand the feeling of moving to a new country and are ready to support you at any time.

We provide customized experiences for international people from all over the world, and we are very proud to be able to establish the best solutions for coming to and living in Germany.