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Nurses in Germany

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Job profile

The project of direct recruitment of nurses in German hospitals starts

Authorized by a number of German medical institutions and K&K Social Resources and Development Group, and approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China, our company (Shengsheng Shangde) is now recruiting nursing professionals to Germany in China. Adhering to the recruitment principles of fairness, openness and equality in German companies, all finalists will go to Germany directly after language training, sign labor contracts directly with German companies, and enjoy the formal employee treatment of German hospitals. The recruitment location: Lower Saxony, Rhine Lampfalz, Berlin

Application criteria

Application Criteria for Nurses to Germany


Job skills

  • ① Responsible for basic patient care and implementation of basic medical measures;
  • ② Assist doctors in treatment, and monitor and give feedback during treatment
  • ③ Maintenance and management of medical records
  • ④ Designate outdoor sports and arrange leisure events;
  • ⑤ Other auxiliary work, such as accounting for treatment costs, ordering medicines, etc.

Basic conditions

  • ① Love the nursing profession;
  • ② have good conduct and professional ethics;
  • ③ Healthy and cheerful;
  • ④ No criminal record, no history of visa refusal to go abroad;
  • ⑤ Accept overseas work (you can return home to visit relatives for 1 month with pay every year);

Post conditions

  • ① Age 20-42 years old, gender is not limited;
  • ② Domestic full-time technical secondary school (3 years) or above, graduated from nursing and related majors;
  • ③ More than 3 years of relevant work experience is preferred;
  • ④ Have obtained the nurse practitioner qualification certificate and nursing qualification certificate;
  • ⑤ Willing to learn German to B1/B2 level (certificate is preferred);
  • ⑥ Bachelor degree or above, good English foundation is preferred;
Salary & Welfare

Salary & Benefits

  • Working hours

    After going to Germany, work as a nursing assistant first, with a pre-tax salary of about 2,100.00 euros/month, and a working time of 40 hours/week;

  • Ability improvement

    Nursing assistants will simultaneously study German B2 courses during their work, and the employer will bear the tuition fee (3 months), and after obtaining the B2 certificate, they will participate in the German nurse qualification certificate training and examination (1 month);

  • Formal contract

    After obtaining the German nurse certificate, they will become a formal German nurse and enjoy the social welfare stipulated by the local labor department. The pre-tax salary is about 3000.00 euros/month;

  • Statutory holidays

    12 salary or 13 salary per year, about 30 days of paid annual leave; subsidies for holidays, overtime, and shift work (if any) are calculated separately;

  • More welfare

    Those with outstanding performance will be provided with paid further study (undergraduate and postgraduate) opportunities; 5 years of overseas work guarantee, and after 4 years can apply for German permanent residence status, if they choose to return to China, they can apply for a refund of pension insurance (about 80,000 yuan) and 10,000 yuan Rewards; Employer Work Permit, Regular Employees. Spouse and children under the age of 16 can apply for family reunion in Germany after they go to Germany and work stably (6 months), and enjoy free medical care and education in Germany.

Comfortable work

Work scene display