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Food processing

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Job profile

Meat processor recruitment officially opened!

The level is 40 kg higher than the average level in China, nearly 20 kg higher than the average level in China. As a major pork consumer, 60% of the meat products consumed by German residents are pork, exceeding the total sales of chicken and beef. Germany's large demand for pork has led to a shortage of meat processing jobs. Therefore, some German enterprises have decided to recruit a certain number of Meat Processors in China.

Application criteria

Food processor application standard


Job skills

  • ① Experience in meat processing is preferred;
  • ② Strong practical ability, cheerful personality, subject to management.

Basic conditions

  • ① Technical secondary school or above;
  • ② Attend at least 2 weeks of professional course theory and practice training, and pass the professional course examination;
  • ③ Willing to learn German and reach A2 Level (get Goethe A2 or other European standard language certificate);
  • ④ Those with a good foundation of English are preferred.

Post conditions

  • ① Healthy, without infectious diseases, tuberculosis, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, all kinds of chronic diseases, epilepsy, mental diseases, no history of tuberculosis, family genetic history;
  • ② All kinds of skin mosses have no history of allergy (especially egg allergy), and can stand continuously for 4.5 hours.
Salary & Welfare

Salary & benefits

  • Working hours

    Work 8 hours a day and work overtime appropriately (working hours 11.34 euros / hour, 1.5 times overtime and 2 times major holidays)

  • Ability improvement

    12 or 13 salary per year, from 1960 euros to 2800 euros per month before tax (mainly based on the employer's contract), increasing year by year.

  • Formal contract

    Domestic double certification + certificate renewal examination in Germany (within 6 months)

  • Statutory holidays

    25-30 paid annual leave per year;

  • More welfare

    Insurance: German workers have the same old-age and medical insurance, pay taxes on normal work, and can apply for tax refund after returning home after 4 years (about 70000 yuan); Family members: spouse and children under the age of 16 can apply for reunion after half a year, free school admission and child allowance;

Comfortable work

Work scene display